Ural rex breed is relatively young. This rex mutation in cats was spontaneous, without any human interference, and was first noticed around Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk at the time) at least in the 1940s. When it actually first appeared no one knows for sure. People tended to get rid of the kittens who differed so much from their siblings, and felinology simply didn’t exist here back then… Maybe, the Mistress of the Copper mountain herself had her hand in this marvel?

But unusual curly cats catching mice in the countryside is not a breed yet. In the late 1980s – beginning of the 1990s the enthusiasts of the emerging USSR felinology took a notice of these animals and began working on the type.

Now let me tell you what it’s like to have a Ural rex at home.

The curly Ural’s coat is not only beautiful, silky and delightful to touch. Every woman will be happy to know that this fur won’t be collecting into balls in the corners or “decorate” furniture and clothes. People, who have allergy to cat fur, but are eager to have a pet at home, can strike luck with Ural rexes as well (though it needs to be checked individually).

The tight double wave doesn’t let the dead hairs just fall out, and you only need to comb your pet time after time to get rid of them. You’ll need to do it a bit more often – about three times a week – during the traditional spring and autumn coat change periods, so that the new coat could grow faster. In general, just stroke your pet’s coat as often as you can, because the touch of your hand is not only the source of joy for him, but is also the best care for the wonderful curly coat. And if you add a piece of chamois to that, the chic, truly kingly gloss will be your reward. For good reason “rex” means “king” in Latin. Such curly cat is a true kingly gift to us from Mother Nature.

Ural rexes can also be semi-longhaired. Their wave is less distinct, and the curl (more like spiral) fully develops in a rather mature age, towards three years. They have a fluffy collar and a tassel on their tail tip. In their early age they look quite funny, like naughty kids who dislike brushing their hair. And you just can’t help the urge to catch and stroke them, which makes them happy! It happens with them that the color pigment doesn’t reach the end of the hairs, which can add, for example, a mysterious silvery halo to a black semi-longhaired animal. By the way, the black color is also quite easily affected by direct sunlight, so don’t be surprised if the black or blue (diluted black) coat of your pet who loves enjoying the warm summer sunshine will soon acquire a bronze tint.

It is impossible not to mention that Ural rexes are very playful. They will catch the sound of you taking out the cat teaser from afar and a couple of seconds later they will be all but dancing in impatience around you. Just make sure there are no sharp edges or corners around, because in the heat of the game with all the jumping your beauty won’t be seeing anything else but the desired prey! They are capable of very high jumps and swirls in the air, some completely incredible. And if you decide to release the teaser after your pet catches it, you will be very amused by the proud look and gait of your cat, as he or she leaves the room, carrying the booty somewhere closer to food bowl. Instincts!

But don’t think that Ural rexes are hyperactive like some other breeds. Not at all. Just like it should be with cats, they sleep a lot, choosing between a few favorite spots in the house. And time after time your knees and affectionate hands will be such a spot. Are you having breakfast, working at the computer or catching the last minutes of sleep in the early morning? Your Ural will be there for his share of caresses, will cheer you up if needed, will expose his belly for rubbing and headbutt you for kisses. It’s quite possible that your smart kitty is simply asking for some extra yummies by this. But he does love you sincerely, and isn’t it worth a bit of a pet treat?

On the whole, Ural rexes are very smart and astute, will quickly learn the rules and routine of your household, and can be easily trained to do simple tricks, if you wish to. You will just need a bit of patience. They know their litter box and their scratching post. They get along with other animals and are known for their particular patience towards children.

In their character you can find a lot of traits usually attributed to dogs, first of all it’s them being human-oriented. Yes, Urals can portray independence, after all it is expected from a cat. For example, he will – very independently – follow you to another room soon enough, and will, independently, settle down somewhere nearby. And if you call him, well, it’s 50/50. Either he will independently squint and will continue sleeping or washing, or will gladly run over for some cuddles. But if you accidentally lock your pet somewhere, be sure that you will hear his or her plaintive call soon enough.

What else is very attractive in the Ural rexes’ character is their complaisance. Their love and patience towards small children was already mentioned above. In addition to that they will easily allow you to cut their claws, will willingly turn from one side to another when you’re brushing them and, if necessary, will take medication calmly enough (anything can happen even with Ural rexes, who are well known for their health and strong immune system, not yet spoiled by human interference). They will also allow you to wash them, if such need arises. The important thing here is for your pet to know that he can trust you, that you love him and won’t do him any harm.

Ural rexes are medium-sized cats. They don’t have the tendency to overeat and keep fit due to active games. They can be sturdy, big boned, muscular, but never fat. Makes one envious. You will especially appreciate that when your beloved pet will settle to sleep or simply purr on your chest. Or when this hunter will gallop after a fly right across you without even noticing!

Apart from their wavy coat, another distinctive feature of the Urals is their eyes. Almond-shaped, set at an angle… there is something magical in them, honestly. Should the Ural narrow them a little – and immediately he emanates the air of mystery and superiority. A second passes, he opens them wide in surprise – and here you have the Puss in Boots from Shrek! Naïve and innocent, his whole appearance showing you that you are the very center of his universe. And that it was the household spirit playing pranks here earlier, and he, the Ural rex, spooked it.

That’s Ural rexes for you – loving, lively, smart and incredibly beautiful and graceful to top it all. As for us, we simply cannot imagine our life and our home without these charming and affectionate creatures.